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Mini In The Box Reviews

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4.3 from 1 review
1 out of 1 review would shop here again
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Ordered On: 30/01/2015
Overall Rating
Jacquelinee would shop at Mini In The Box again.
Cheap but slow
I ordered an all-in-one card reader from here at a very low price (about 75c), it works fine and hasn’t corrupted any of the data on my MicroSDHC. It arrived in about 20 business days and I had forgotten I had bought it when it arrived.

It is handy to have around because my laptop doesn’t have an internal card reader and so I just use this instead. At the price, I’m very happy with it!

I’d shop here again if I find random cheap electronics as I can’t resist a good deal. Would recommend but only for cheap gadgets and if you’re not in a hurry either because free shipping is slow though there are options to pay more for faster shipping.