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Ordered On: 15/07/2014
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BrookeB would shop at Cabinet Keys again.
Easy Purchase
Having accidentally lost one of the keys to my filing cabinet I was looking on the internet for an easy way to get a replacement and came across the website for Cabinet Keys.

I was a bit apprehensive about ordering from them, it seemed a bit too simple getting replacement keys online, but I thought I would give it a go and I am glad that I did.

All that they needed from me was the number found on the lock barrel of the filing cabinet and I was able to order a new key. New keys come in sets of 3 and I thought the replacement price was really reasonable.

Postage was quick and when they keys arrived I was pleased to see that they were well packaged and had arrived with a spare key ring and a key tag with the contact details for the Cabinet Keys website on it. The keys worked in the lock with no trouble at all.

I was really happy with their service and would recommend them to anyone else looking for replacement keys for a filing cabinet.