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Agoo Australia Pty Ltd Reviews

33 Joanne St, Woonona, New South Wales, 2517, Australia
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About Us:
Final Clearance Sale $6.99 Baby and Kid Leg Warmers. Agoo Apparel designs and manufactures Kids Active wear to allow kids to Stay Out and Play! Sunsmart UV 50+ wickaway clothes perfect for childcare.
Our innovative, eco-friendly accessories are made from sustainable Bamboo fibres. Our leg warmers are fun for babies through to tweens and our waterproof kids rain jackets are popular with kids and mums.
Stainless, BPA free drink bottles and Tushie Huggers are part of our accessory range as well.
Date Posted:
Ordered On: 26/08/2012
Overall Rating
Casey would shop at Agoo Australia Pty Ltd again.
Reasonably priced children clothes with variety of selection. The simple designs are versatile as gifts and delivery is reasonable (a week or so).