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7 Avenger Close, Bray Park, Queensland, 4500, Australia
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Modern Cloth Nappies, Cloth Nappies, Cloth Nappy Accessories, fitted nappies, AI2, Aio's, pocket nappies, PUL covers, wool covers, cloth pads, baby organic items, itti bitti, Bumgenius, reusable nappies, Cushie Tushies, Green Kids, Designer Bums, Baby Beehinds, Tots Bots, Motherease, Grovia, Pea Pods, Bummis
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Ordered On: 11/10/2012
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shopperholic would shop at Bubbee again.
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Purcahsed the 1 2 PACK OF RAINBOW POCKETS. i liked how i could check my order status online and that in comparison to other baby websites they were the cheapest for this product. Very happy with buy and received item as pictured after 4 days.