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Bstore Pty Ltd Reviews

40 Rogerson Rd, Mt Pleasant, Western Australia, 6153, Australia
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About Us:
Buy Birkenstock on sale online at Bstore. Our website provides Birkenstock Gizeh and Papillio Gizeh at the most affordable prices. Hurry! Order your Birkenstocks and Papillio sandals now!
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Ordered On: 26/10/2015
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rolyat would shop at Bstore Pty Ltd again.
Shoes for the sole!
My wife and I both needed "good" shoes for our upcoming trip so we ordered two pairs of Birkenstocks on October 26. They arrived on October 28. The value was great as the shoes cost less from this supplier than is quoted by others......and shipping was free. The shoes are high quality, the pricing good, communication excellent.....overall a great transaction.