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My Pillow Pets Reviews

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4.7 from 1 review
1 out of 1 review would shop here again
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Ordered On: 11/01/2012
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hotchocolate would shop at My Pillow Pets again.
One unforgettable customer service experience (:
It's a long story, but I was in desperate, DESPERATE pursuit of the Wiggly Pig pillow pet. Every single retailer I had been to across the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne had sold out of it except one Kmart, but their display pillow pet was the last one left, and it was so stained and so played with that the stuffing was lumpy and uneven, and the fur was discolored. I went to MyPillowPet.com.au only to find that the online store itself said that they were out of stock of the Wiggly Pig too, but in dire desperation, I emailed them explaining my predicament, and praying and hoping that they would have at least one left somewhere in their warehouse. I also asked if they were phasing it out. I got a reply back within a few hours from a lady in Support Services saying that she had her hands on one brand new Wiggly Pig, and that she would be happy to post it to me! The price was $26.90 including shipping, which I was happy to pay because of how much I wanted it. There are pillow pets that aren't originally branded as the My Pillow Pet, and are retailed for less, so some might consider $26.90 a lot to pay. However, since it included postage and handling, I thought it was fair for a completely brand new product from the warehouse. In all honesty, though, had I not been after it so badly, perhaps an unbiased me would have thought the price a little costly. In any case, she asked for a contact number and said that she would hold onto it for another three business days, which was generous. I replied her within the hour with my phone number, details and gratitude, and she rang me back within half an hour to confirm everything. She really went out of her way for me, and I will never forget that. Pillow Pets are adorable and all, but I have more respect for the company and its representatives as a result of this experience. My Wiggly Pig arrived within 4 business days, nicely wrapped and protectively packaged, completely brand-new and untouched. I could not ask for more (: