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Ordered On: 21/11/2012
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orangemm would shop at MiSMo again.
Cheapest place around for MSM
This website is the only place to go to for your MSM powder, and their other products are cheap as chips too. I ordered 1KG of MSM powder from this site and it cost $45 + $7.50 shipping. The item was sent express post the next morning and arrived the day after that. Cannot fault this site one bit. They sent me an email to say it had shipped and that it hadn't arrived in 3 days to let them know and they would chase it up. But I didn't need to do that as it arrived within 1 day, which was fantastic. I've usually bought my MSM Powder from health food stores and they only stock up to 250g-500g bags of the powder and the pricing is a lot more than this site. Will most certainly be buying from here again.