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2.2 from 47 reviews
14 out of 47 reviewers would shop here again

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Lucy in the Sky
Lucy in the Sky
Lucy in the Sky
Lucy in the Sky

47 Reviews from our Community

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Ordered On: 8/02/2016
Overall Rating
Briarna would not shop at Lucy in the Sky again.
Disgusting Customer Service & Poor Quality Items
I have never purchased from Lucy in the sky and NEVER will again!

I initially ordered a black jumpsuit in September / October 2015 after receiving the item which was way to big and clearly not marked as per the size indicated I requested a store credit which I then received. The store credit was not even for the initial amount paid.

It took me a while to actually use the store credit as nothing was appealing to me to purchase however knowing my store credit was soon to expire on February 8th 2016 I purchased a cream and floral dress using my store credit and adding additional money.

Upon receiving the dress on 24 February 2016 I noticed the sleeve was not properly sewn and the hem was incomplete with a red sticker even still stuck to the item - see attached images.

I made initial contact with Clare from Lucy in the sky customer services on 25 February 2016 sending images of the faulty item. After going back and forth having to send more images and further explain what was clearly a faulty item Clare advised her management are accepting responsibility and apologised for the faulty item. Clare offered me either a refund, a store credit or to get the item fixed and they would reimburse me the cost. I chose to have a refund which was approved on 3 March 2016 and advised they would process the refund once the dress was returned.

After returning the item at my own expense via express post on 3 March 2016 to the Sydney address provided I then had to follow up again on 11 March 2016 as I had no response and according to Australia Post tracking the item had been delivered on 4 March 2016 and was waiting for collection at the local post office.

Finally on 16 March I received a response from Clare advising they had issued a store credit which was a little confusing considering they had approved a refund.

On 17 March after following up I received an email which looked like internal screen shots of refund processes and after questioning what the email had meant was told by Clare refunds would take 10 days process.

Still having not received my refund on 7 April 2016 I followed up again and was told by Clare that she had followed up with management regarding the refund and "there was nothing more that could be done" - not the answer I was hoping to receive. Clare also told me to follow up with my bank if I was having issues with obtaining the refund amount from Paypal. I use Paypal often so I was fully aware how to transfer money that was in my PayPal account to my bank account so thought this was a little strange. At this point after checking my PayPal account daily there was definitely no refund that had been received.

After being very polite and patient this entire process by this point I was at my breaking point and extremely frustrated! I advised Clare to follow up again with management to see what the delay was. This just was not good enough considering they were the reason for this issue when they provided a faulty item.

In response I received a very condescending email advising "the reason this was not refunded dear, is because you paid with a store credit and the store credit was originally issued"

Clare then went on to say there was a small amount which I paid via Paypal and funnily enough I finally received this refund in my account after receiving this email....only 6 weeks later!

After 6 weeks of torture having to deal with condescending business owners who clearly have had no customer service training I am now told I cannot have the entire refund that was approved and will have to have a store credit which I don't want to use because they supply faulty items.

After a lengthy 6 week process I am drained and disgusted in this company they offer little to no customer service and the quality of their items are terrible. I cannot even believe this company is still in business!

Don't put yourself through and buy from Lucy in the sky that is 6 weeks of my life I will never get back!
Store Representative
Hi Briarna,

Firstly, thank you for the feedback - we are a growing company and though 99%+ of orders are placed and dispatched without issue, there have been evidently some growing pains with what we are doing. We totally acknowledge this - these issues are being worked through, and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

We can see an order placed way back on September 14th for the Chiffon Playsuit in Black. This was shipped within 48 hours, and was delivered in 1-2 weeks to Australia from Los Angeles. We were contacted on September 23rd regarding a return request because the style was simply too large. No mention of any issues with quality. As we do offer the convenience of local returns to our Australian customers (we cover the postage back to Los Angeles), this was sent to Sydney, with the store credit processed in October.

The store credit value was for the amount paid - we believe the confusion may be from the fact that at that point, we did charge for shipping, and original shipping costs are not included in the store credit; this was due to the fact that we do offer free returns within the U.S, and local returns in Australia. We're still doing this with the current free shipping with no minimum though.

This store credit was used on February 7th for the Off The Shoulder Floral Dress In Cream. This was shipped for free within 5 business days of ordering, and again delivered in 1-2 weeks to Australia.

Unfortunately, this style was faulty - this is clearly obvious from the photo you sent us, and we acknowledged this. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience with the style, as this is extremely unusual. Considering the circumstances, we gave the 3 options of just keeping the style and receiving a store credit, getting it repaired for which we would gladly reimburse the cost, or returning to our Sydney address for an original payment refund.

The style was sent back to our Sydney address and processed on the 12th of March. We believe there was some miscommunication here on our end - the order was placed originally with a store credit, hence when corresponding with Clare, she was under the impression that it was still processing when it had been refunded. I'll follow up any further issues with her communication myself as well.

This was true, but evidently, you were looking for a refund to a different payment method, not the original store credit payment method. This should have been clear to start with, and we apologize for the inconvenience. We spoke to you over the phone, and at that point, the situation became clear and with your PayPal email address, we were able to send the amount directly to finally resolve the issue.

Again, we completely understand that situations such as these are not ok - and we appreciate you bringing this to our attention. As we understand, this issue was resolved as of a couple of weeks ago.

If any issues persist, please do not hesitate to contact us at 213-278-0968, (M-F, 10-5 PST) or at [email protected]

lucyinthesky posted on 19/04/2016