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Ordered On: 30/12/2012
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Superman would not shop at Treegloo again.
Worst Store EVER!! Online Robbery...
I have had some ups and downs when shopping online, which can be frustrating, especially when your expecting one thing but get another. But, if you thought that was bad, I would have to say that Treegloo is on a whole other playing field!

I ordered 3 cases as i thought it would be a good idea to save on shipping. I made the payment on the 30 of December using my credit card. About 2 weeks in, I contacted them to see the progress of my order. They replied me in about 1 week saying that it would take up to 21 business days as stated on their website.

I waited for about 2 months and in February, sent another email. Didn't get any response. I waiting another month and in March, I sent multiple emails until some one replied saying someone pasted away and hence why my order is delayed?

Since then I have sent emails in April and May requesting for a refund, but have not got any replies. All my previous posts on their Facebook page have been removed and now they lock their page to prevent comments.

Really appalling company.

I would NOT recommend this store to anyone...