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Ordered On: 18/02/2013
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Mercedita would shop at Duo again.
Online Jewelery with a Huge selection of sterling silver
This website specialises in all sorts of sterling silver jewelery from well known brands suck as Von Treskow and Najo. I was looking for a silver bracelet and so I selected women's jewelery and it had a drop down menu of the different types and I selected bracelets. On that page, I chose "from lowest price". I clicked on the item that I wanted and then selected "place in bag". It asked for my shipment details and personal information and then I proceeded to the checkout where I used my credit card to pay for the item. You could pay by credit card or paypal. A page came up with the confirmation of the order and payment. It was also emailed to me. The website is enticing and you want to buy the jewelery featured on the website as it is reasonably price with famous brand names. I would recommend this website for anyone wanting to buy silver jewelery. The delivery took about a week and a half to arrive. The delivery of the item was free.