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Creations Jewellery Reviews

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5 from 1 review
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Ordered On: 29/03/2015
Overall Rating
BrookeB would shop at Creations Jewellery again.
Very Happy
I placed an order on the Creations Jewellery website for some Town Talk silver cleaner after it was recommended to me by someone at work. It wasn't especially easy to find the cleaner online so I was really please to find a local jewellery store that offered online purchasing, that seemed to have the item in stock.

I placed the order on a Sunday and had the item in my hand the following Wednesday. I had expected a short delivery window as it was only travelling within the Perth area.

The parcel was relatively well packed, although the tape closing the parcel was starting to come undone, but nothing to worry too much about.

The silver cleaner is nothing short of brilliant. It is exactly what I was looking for and well worth the hassle of searching for.

I was really happy with the service I received from Creations Jewellery and would happily recommend them, and Town Talk silver cleaner to others in future.