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Ordered On: 16/09/2012
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cinamonk would shop at Mankind again.
It's worth the wait...
During my year in England I discovered Mankind and was amazed by its fantastic prices and range. During the course of the year I made several orders and was extremely pleased with the products and service. Mankind has a brilliant system of turning around your order as quickly as possible. Even if one of your ordered items is out of stock, they will send out the remainder of the order immediately and the out of stock item as soon as it arrives, all with constant communication. Once I moved back to Australia, nothing really changed and I still order most of my grooming products from Mankind. The store offers a very generous free worldwide shipping on all orders, much like asos. However, unlike asos, the delivery times are extremely variable. One order I found myself waiting up to 20 business days for my order to arrive, yet on another it arrived in the specified 10 business days. Overall though, Mankind comes highly recommended for it's fantastic range and prices.