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Ordered On: 21/11/2012
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BeeJayKayEl would shop at Dental Shop again.
Love "Tooth Mousse" from this Store
I was looking for GC Tooth Mousse for ages and my dentist was going to charge me a lot for a tube. It is a great product for fixing teeth enamel and is safe for small children (flouride free), so I wanted to buy it for my toddler.

After a google search I finally found the Dental Shop who not only stocked the Tooth Mousse in lots of flavours, but they also had a promotional deal where they gave 2 complimentary Recaldent Chewing Gum packets (which my elderly parents would find useful).

I ordered 2 tubes of Tooth Mousse in 2 flavours (both delicious) and received the package within a few days. The whole process was smooth and easy and I would definitely recommend buying from this online store.