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Amcal Chempro Online Chemist Reviews

16-32 Wharf Street , Tweed Heads, NSW, 2485, Australia
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Amcal Chempro Online Chemist - Australia's Leading Shop for Online Pharmaceuticals, Medicines, Health and Beauty Products
Date Posted:
Ordered On: 12/10/2014
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BrookeB would shop at Amcal Chempro Online Chemist again.
These guys go above and beyond!
I placed an order with Chempro when I was looking to buy a large number of inexpensive toothbrushes to put in Christmas shoeboxes to send to children in developing countries.

The online pharmacy that I had previously ordered toothbrushes from no longer stocked the type that seemed to be the cheapest and when searching the internet, Chempro was my next best bet.

Their website was easy to use, everything was well laid out and easy to find. I placed an order for 100 toothbrushes, thinking I might have been pushing my luck, but as the shopping cart allowed the order to go through, I felt I was in with a chance. As the website has free shipping for orders over $99 I added a few other items to my order while I was there.

It was painful adding "patient details" just so that I could order some vitamins, but it was a small price to pay for the free shipping.

The day after I placed the order I received a call from Chempro telling me that they couldn't fulfill my order of 100 toothbrushes and asking me what I would like them to do. They offered to look for an alternative and asked what sort of toothbrushes I was looking for. I explained that I was purchasing them to put together the shoeboxes and that it would all come down to the cost of the toothbrushes, the cheaper the better.

The gentleman that I spoke to asked me to give him a few days and told me he would do his best. It took about another week all up, during which time he kept me well informed about the progress, for him to find a suitable alternative. There was a cost difference for the change in toothbrushes, with these toothbrushes being a bit more expensive, but it was within reason.

Shortly after that, my order was on its way to me. When it arrived, it was really well packed and all the items survived their trip intact.

It was a shame that Chempro weren't able to supply the items that I initially purchased, their website could do with some updating, particularly when it comes to stock levels, but I am happy to forgive them for this when they went so above and beyond to find a suitable alternative.

I would happily buy from Chempro again and I would recommend them to others.