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My Jewellery Story Reviews

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Ordered On: 2/10/2012
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guajor would shop at My Jewellery Story again.
Jewellery styles you will rarely see in shops
My Jewellery Story sells a large range of semi precious jewellery. I am a shopper who likes to find unique designs that my friends won't have seen before in shops - and this store fits the criteria.

The jewellery is not hand-made, which is something I look for now. I've noticed that the metal-work with hand-made items aren't as smooth and well-bonded. I like the range of designer-inspired jewellery the most.

I purchased three silver items: Cartier inspired earrings, and two rings. They arrived in their own simple plastic ziplock bags, in a well padded-out box. I received delivery roughly 3 weeks from ordering.