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Bosco Bear Reviews

PO Box 7042, Alexandria, New South Wales, Australia
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About Us:
BoscoBear’s huge range of wall stickers, kids name labels, cushions, melamine plates, growth charts, blackboard decals & Christmas decorations. Australian made, FREE shipping on name labels and order over $100.
Date Posted:
Ordered On: 8/12/2013
Overall Rating
missypoo would shop at Bosco Bear again.
Quality clothing labels and name stickers
In preparation for my son starting school I ordered name stickers in a variety of sizes as well as iron on clothing labels for his school uniform. A little pricey but you get a lot in a pack and they are high quality.

It took nearly a month for my order to be delivered, which is far too long in my opinion. Although it may have to do with the fact that it was before Christmas/New Year's.

My son loved putting the stickers on all his new school things and so far they have not come off even after going through the dish washer, washing machine etc.