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1 out of 1 review would shop here again
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Ordered On: 15/01/2014
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delusion would shop at Bella Brush again.
First time
I didnt own a set of good make up brushes so I went online to search for some.

I found Bella Brushes site and browsed through the products that they had.

Product reviews were good and I thought that the price was reasonable and affordable considering some make up brushes could range from 80-150.

I placed an order for x1 Bella Brushes 24 Set (#BBS02) $110 and with a discount coupon I purchased it for $25 with shipping $7.

I thought this was a bargain!

When the item was delivered to my work office, i was excited and opened the package.

I was suprised at how soft the products were.
They were contained brushes made of the finest quality synthetic and natural hair, with crafted wooden handles. All encased in a stylish black embossed roll carry case, to keep your brushes in premium condition.

I couldn't be more happy. I would recommend this to my friends.