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1 out of 1 review would shop here again
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Ordered On: 22/05/2014
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reptile would shop at Heavy Taste again.
Good quality items whilst supporting social responsiblity
Have seen and heard a fair amount about "invisible socks", so decided to try it out. Ordered a pack of 5 colors - i think the colors are set.

Purchasing was quick and easy with PayPal being accepted. My order was marked as shipped the next day, and arrived 5 days after that. They do state that confirmed orders should arrive within 3-7 days, and you have the option of express shipping (1-3 days).

They offer free shipping Australia wide, with their products being handmade and socially responsible - all great reasons to buy from them

As for the socks, they do feel of high quality, all i need now is some shoes to wear it with!

Happy to recommend Heavy Taste for now and depending on the performance of the socks, may buy from them again