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Ordered On: 8/11/2014
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BrookeB would shop at Shiels again.
Easy Purchase
I purchased a DKNY watch from Shiels online after seeing that they had a sale on clearance items and the watch was included in the sale.

I had been looking for a DKNY watch for a little while and was keen to buy one from a reputable store, so Shiels seemed like a good choice.

Their website was a little difficult to use for my liking. I would possibly have purchased a few other items as well had I not experienced such difficulty with the shopping cart, but as the watch was my main focus, I was happy just to get that.

It took 10 days for me to receive an email confirming shipment of the parcel, but it then arrived to WA very quickly (2 days) after I received that email. I wasn't in a hurry so this wasn't an issue, but the delay was a surprise.

When the watch arrived it was well packed, although with more excess packaging than I really care for. The watch itself is what I expected and I am very happy with the item.

I would buy from Shiels online again in future.