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Beat the bomb Reviews

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4 from 1 review
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Ordered On: 26/11/2014
Overall Rating
reptile would shop at Beat the bomb again.
Good prices. acceptable local delivery times
Having recently purchased a Wii U, i decided i needed some games to go with it.

Decided to purchase Assassins Creed: Black Flag on a friends recommendation. Managed to snag it for under $20 delivered from BtB.

I received a confirmation email on the day of ordering. I then waited one week before i received a confirmation of shipping. My order arrived another 5 days after that.

I guess i felt having to wait around 2 weeks from purchase to delivery from a company that is based in AU is quite a while (although to be fair, they do mention delivery time may take 2-5 business days). But the buzz of the buy definitely had faded by the time it had arrived. I'm also guessing the game was sold at a good price, and they may have had an influx of orders.

Nevertheless i did receive my game in the end, so now on to more important things - game time!

I would consider buying from BtB again.