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Ordered On: 3/06/2015
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katherine would shop at Sneakerboy again.
Luxury Sneakers
The sneakers here are just so amazingly beautiful. I wanted to buy almost all of them but with my shallow pockets, I could only wait until the end of season sales, which happen every end of stocktake and around end of January to mid February - from memory. The shipping cost is kind of ridiculous, 36 or so dollars PER pair of shoes. I bought two pairs so it amounted to around 80 dollars for shipping. The shipping was quite fast though, around one week. They do have boutiques around so I do recommend trying them on before buying. Either way, you can't buy the shoes in store though as they still have to do online ordering within the store, and hence you'd still have to cover shipping costs. None the less, it's worth it to get the best quality sneakers.