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Ordered On: 14/09/2015
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ceeleaves would shop at Out Of Print again.
Book Nerds Rejoice!
Out of Print clothing makes t-shirts with book cover art on them! This is amazing!

Not just generic covers, but, for example, the german edition of an alice in wonderland cover, or the japanese edition of animal farm.

What a great store!!!

They have great quality t-shirts too. They have women's styles and men's styles, but I chose two men's style t-shirts as I find the women's style a little daggy.

I got a t-shirt with a vintage, minamalist cover of A Streetcar Named Desire - one of my favourite all time plays. I also got a couple which describe book techniques - they have those too, complimented with cute designs.

I totally recommend this store if you are after something a little quirky or to show your love for a particular book.
They have so many classics - catch 22, farenheit 451, animal farm, etc etc.

The best thing is that each purchase sends a book to an African school in need of books!!