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Gorgeous Gems Reviews

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About Us:
Gorgeous Gems prides itself on offering unique and rare jewellery. All gems are handpicked to ensure quality and individuality.
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Ordered On: 13/09/2013
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Higgy1972 would shop at Gorgeous Gems again.
Gorgeous Service
If you are considering buying one of the unique pieces at Gorgeous Gems, STOP considering and just go ahead and buy. I came here to find something a little different when looking for my wedding ring. I found the perfect one and have not regretted it. Not only did the ring exceed my expectations on arrival, the experience of dealing with Carol has been delightful. If balancing the professional and personal touch is an art, she has mastered it. From the beautifully wrapped and delivered purchase, to personally recommending a local jeweller for resizing, and going to great efforts to oversee an overseas repair. Dealing with Gorgeous Gems has been one of the stand out customer services experiences in memory and I will definitely be back for more of those remarkable pieces on offer. Thanks Carol