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429 Morphett St, Adelaide, South Australia, 5000, Australia
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Australian online DVD store where you can buy the latest Australian DVDs and DVD movies securely online - DVD Store Australia, Buy DVDs Online, Australian DVD Movies - DVD Warehouse Australia, Adelaide, South Australia
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Ordered On: 17/08/2012
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Mirna_333 would not shop at DVD Warehouse again.
Postage not as cheap as other places
I was looking for a certain series of DVDs, "Dibo the gift dragon". I did an online search, and came across DVD warehouse which had one of the DVDs I was looking for: "Dibo's Gift". The price was good, only $9.45, however I had to pay $6.90 just to deliver one dvd within Australia. I thought it was ok at the time, maybe to cover their form of packaging/handling. The postage service was quick, however I came across the same DVDs on another website (JB HIFI) which only charged 99c to deliver the dvd, so I wasn't too impressed being charged 6 or 7 times the same amount for postage! I will only shop there again if I can't find a certain DVD anywhere else.