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Love My Pet Reviews

PO Box 165, South Morang, Victoria, Australia
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Great Prices on all dog products and cat supplies Australia wide, shop online at Love My Pet for quality pet medication and save.
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Ordered On: 13/08/2012
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katoho would shop at Love My Pet again.
Big savings for your loving pets
I have 3 dogs range from tiny size to XL. Medication (Frontline Plus and Heartguard 30 Plus) is very costly. I spent lots of time comparing prices from one store to another. Until I found Love my pet online pet supplies. They have branded medication at lower prices even add up postage is still cheaper than most of stores.Parcel always arrives 2-3 days after order placed. If one of the items ordered is out of stock they will send available items first and later the shortage item will be sent free postage.