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Torpedo 7 Reviews

PO Box 637, Redfern, New South Wales, 2016, Australia
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About Us:
Shimano bike parts, Cycling clothes, bicycle tyres, bike accessories and more-get the best deals on cycling gear at Torpedo 7- the specialists in all things cycling.
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Ordered On: 25/04/2014
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Venus123 would shop at Torpedo 7 again.
Torpedo to standard
I bought a fishing rod and two jumpers for my bf, I was quite happy with the service, you get an email detailing when your order was dispatched and the time frame when you will receive the goods (5-6 days). I received it within the time frame, it was delivered by Australia Post, unfortunately they didn't ring my door bell so I had to collect it from the local post office, but that's a critic to the postal service, not Torpedo7. I would happily shop here again.