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Beds n Dreams Reviews

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Ordered On: 25/03/2014
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Disappointed_with_beds_n_dreams would not shop at Beds n Dreams again.
Told us AUSTRALIAN made, box arrived labeled Made in VIETNAM
The title says it all really. I specifically wanted to purchase a bed made in Australia and today when the box arrived it had great big made in Vietnam on it.

Contacted store and got a very defensive accusing sales person saying the EXACT opposite to what she said in store to me.

Here's her email:
As per our phone conversation’s I have been told that unfortunately the head office has said a Refund on the Ranch Single Bunk has not been approved as the product has no fault and has been purchased as seen in store .

At no point did I or the other sales assistant on that day say the bunk was Aussie made. On a mattress they have the Aussie made tags on them (as you can see on the mattresses made on your purchase).

I went on line because I was getting nowhere with her and found I'm not the first person to be mislead this way.