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Blinds Warehouse Reviews

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Buy Blinds and Curtains Online Only at Blinds Warehouse. The #1 online seller of Blinds in Australia. You won't find lower prices on custom window coverings, ready made blinds, roller blinds, vertical blinds, timber venetian blinds, eco blinds anywhere else!
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Ordered On: 22/11/2012
Overall Rating
Kimlee would shop at Blinds Warehouse again.
Too Easy!!
I needed a blockout roman blind as my husband is a shift worker, I was just going to get a quote, but when I saw the price I decided to go through with the purchase. It was a ready made that was delivered to my door 3 days after I ordered the quality was a pleasant surprise as I thought it might be cheap material for the price I paid. I was also able to put it up myself.
Great online experience for me, I would highly recommend Blinds Warehouse to all.