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Mac Cosmetics Reviews

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MAC Australia Cosmetics, Skincare and Makeup. Shop online and discover MAC's full range of makeup, lipstick, mascara, foundation, skincare, eyeshadow, brushes and more.
Date Posted:
Ordered On: 31/05/2013
Overall Rating
rosesandkittens would not shop at Mac Cosmetics again.
Overpriced but...still okay!
I'm an incredibly lazy girl to be honest…So when I ran out of foundation, I had a panic attack. I hate those pushy makeup counter girls, so I chose to order my precious skin-fix online. The site is typically MAC, super chic and easy to use.

I picked up the Studio Fix Fluid for a heartbreaking $49. In other countries, it's only around 30 dollars max. So I am actually really irritated with myself for buying it now, because I just realized that I can get it on eBay for a way better price.

Anyway, shipping was also irritating but not too bad. Standard delivery was 10 dollars, which is quite reasonable I guess. On the plus side, it came in just two days, yay! As expected, the foundation was authentic and nothing was amiss. I still kind of regret not buying the foundation elsewhere (since I spent like $60 on a freaking MAC foundation, jeez!), but I can be certain that it's authentic I guess.

So if you're looking for MAC foundations and not in a rush, look elsewhere! Check out international sellers on eBay, where items do not suffer from Australian markups...