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4.5 from 1 review
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Online Pop Culture store selling Books, Videos, Magazines, Comics, DVDs, Calendars, Model Kits, Action Figures, Toys, Posters, Photos, Trading Cards, Glassware, Jewellery, Audio, T-Shirts, Postcards, Mugs, Other Merchandise, Costume/Props, Computer Accessories, Stand-Ups, Comic Trade Paperbacks, Comic and Card Protection, Preview Publications, Game and Related
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Ordered On: 8/03/2011
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pieces8 would shop at Minotaur again.
Huge variety of books and geeky gadgets
They have a larger variety of sci-fi and fantasy books than mainstream bookstores and also have a huge range of Doctor Who merchandise. A few of my friends love Doctor Who so I always look there first when buying them a gift. They also have awesome energy drinks like ones featured in books/tv/movies/games/etc or with characters from pop culture on the front. A large variety of anime and manga and hard-to-find magazines. Their prices aren't cheap, but their range is fantastic.