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Vertico Technology Reviews

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1.2 from 1 review
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Ordered On: 24/04/2013
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Gary6 would not shop at Vertico Technology again.
Bad Experience
Purchased a AINOL NOVO10 HERO DUAL CORE 10.1 INCH IPS 16GB TABLET PC. upon first start up i was greeted to Chinese characters. After loading 3 basic free games (4 pics 1 word type) and connecting to home wifi, it crashed. when i rest the tablet as advised i was faced with everything in Chinese? I found the English control enventually and it did the same thing again. I contacted Vetico within 14 day period, met all the criteria for return / refund. sent it back gave them further details, then after 3 weeks they returned it to me "Unable to replicate the issue" it was a present for mothers day. they are now ignoring me. i now have an expensive paper weight