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Ordered On: 10/12/2012
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orangemm would shop at Vegan Online again.
All your cruelty free needs
This is a great site, I've usually shopped at other vegan/veg sites like CrueltyFreeShop, but I find the shipping and prices can be a little steep. This site is great, they are based in South Australia and have all kinds of Veg/Vegan products. I ordered some lollies, marshmallows and chocolate bars, with the total coming to $40, including $6 shipping. The order shipped the very next day and arrived two days after that. It was packed in a padded Australia post bag so nothing could get damaged. Only problem was that the marshmallows + chocolate arrived a little melted and re-hardened, due to us having a couple of 30-odd degree days during the delivery period, which was out of the shop's control. You can order an ice pack with your delivery for a $1 something extra, which is important if you get anything refrigerated or frozen, but for lollies I thought they'd be OK. In hindsight I'd order the ice pack with it, if I order anything else in Summer.