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Timber Blinds Express Reviews

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Ordered On: 27/06/2012
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mjc84x would shop at Timber Blinds Express again.
Custom Made Timber Blinds Fast
Ordered white basswood timber blinds for kitchen. Great website with online instant quoting and advice on how to measure properly.

Custom made to my exact measurements, quoted prices include delivery via courier. Prices were cheaper than department stores standard blinds on special. Fast delivery with tracking, delivered in 3 working days from time of placing order. Also including warranty for 12 months for faults and fading. Highly recommend!!
I'm glad you didn't have the very unpleasant experiences I recently had with dealing with this company. Waited a long time for the blinds to be made and to be delivered. When we finally got them 9 of the 13 blinds were defective in manufacture. Tried negotiating with these people to have the problems resolved but in the end got nowhere. Last communications from them was not to call them again. :( Rubbish product and rude and offensive after sales service (if you can call it service). $2017 down the toilet and significant delays on completing our home.

Monkeyboi posted on 13/12/2013
Store Representative
re: Monkeyboi comment
Hi (personal name removed),
After your initial complaints we worked with you to amend the issues, by having the blinds sent back to our factory and resending them back to you ( leaving our factory on the 15th January 2014 ). We have now supplied blinds to you of a standard satisfactory to you and have not received any further complaints from you after this date.
Our team worked hard to ensure the final blinds sent out to you were of a standard that would satisfy you.
Our factory is in a small country town and our values reflect village life where we all treat each other with respect and try to do the right thing by every one.
We tried our best to have the blinds corrected and returned them to you as quickly as possible.
We would appreciate it if you could please amend your comments to reflect this result.
Timber Blinds Express

timberblindexpress posted on 17/02/2014
Timber Blinds Express, I certainly will "amend" my review. I'll start by adding that the 'repairs' (if you can call them that), were at best a mediocre token effort on the part of Timber Blinds Express and at worst a complete failure rendering one of the blinds to be installed in a bedroom completely useless.

One blind of the six that was initially returned to TBE because of a jammed mechanism. TBE returned the blind with missing parts, damage and marks to the paintwork on one end of the slats and the tilt mechanism inside the headbox was also damaged making it impossible to close the blinds. Clearly nobody at TBE bothered to check it was working satisfactorily before re-packaging it and sending back to me.

Three of the other blinds had been modified by TBE in such a way to be very obvious the lower two slats had been shortened and some pins added. Pity they now don't match the other TBE blinds installed in the same room. :-( I can now say from bitter personal experience that customer care and quality control factor at TBE is obviously zero. They've got my money and they don't have to live with these rubbish blinds (and that's putting it mildly).

As a point of reference for readers of this review. I put an order in for 13 blinds last year and paid up front for them. All TBE has done in all these months is given me a lot of grief and to make things worse have sent me an email demanding I withdraw my original review. Well I'm not going to and if the administrators of this site have any doubts whatsoever about the validity of my claims they should feel free to contact me for a complete log of all the written communiques I've had with TBE and the photographic evidence of the poor quality materials and workmanship as well as all the faults of these blinds.

Went it comes to dealing with TBE all I can say is caveat emptor. Do yourself a favour, buy your blinds elsewhere and save yourself a whole pile of grief.

Monkeyboi posted on 18/02/2014