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Ordered On: 24/12/2013
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ceeleaves would shop at Little Lace again.
Bargains and lovely things!
Most recently I bought a cardigan from littlelace that turned out to be kind of average - I think it looked much more lovely in the photos than in real life. It was a grey cape/shawl style cardigan, and in person the 'marle' effect was more pronounced, making it look very speckly, where as in the photos it was quite blended and soft and elegant looking.

But still, I love to shop at littlelace because there are always great bargains and fabulous brands, and the delivery time and customer service are great.

I also love that the photos are all of pretty but more realistic girls. Girls who are hot, and slim, but who are not unrealistic. So you can see what an item of clothing might look like in real life, rather than trying to translate a whole bunch of photoshop and super skinny sizing into real life.

I think some more detailed photos might help, for instance close-up photos of material, etc, to give more information. But besides this, Littlelace is a great online store.