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3.5 from 1 review
0 out of 1 review would shop here again
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Ordered On: 3/11/2014
Overall Rating
ceeleaves would not shop at Esprit again.
Disorganised Online Presence!
I love Esprit! Their clothes are gorgeous, and my favourite jeans come from esprit.

Unfortunately when trying to buy a new, similar pair -skinny stretch denim - I encountered problems. The labelling is unclear and they seem to rely on pictures to illustrate, rather than label them as high, mid or low rise.
I thought I'd ordered a mid-rise pair of jeans and they arrived extremely low (lol!).

I contacted a rep via phone, who assured me I could do an in-store return. So easy and great!

The weirdest thing was: the lady in the store said the online stuff comes from overseas, so it's different stock than that in store. She wasn't familliar with the jeans I gave her. There seemed to be no way to actually confirm what kind of jeans you would end up with before you bought them... almost like a lucky dip!

Because Esprit is such a favourite, I do hope their online presence will improve!