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iQ Toys & iQ Baby Reviews

Windsor Rd, Burnside, Queensland, 4560, Australia
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5 from 1 review
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About Us:
Australian Online Toy Store featuring Educational Toys, Developmental Toys, Award Winning Toys.
Date Posted:
Ordered On: 3/01/2013
Overall Rating
buzztell would shop at iQ Toys & iQ Baby again.
Great range and GREAT prices
These guys were really good. I bought some Lego Mini Figures (guilty pleasure!). They were half price compared to KMart.

Courier cost is $5.99 or free over $99. Arrived in around 3 days.

They even offer gift wrapping (choose birthday, christmas or plain)!! Didn't use this, but good to note for next christmas/birthdays. They also have a great search function on their website which gives really good results and makes finding products easy.