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Pottery Barn Kids Reviews

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Ordered On: 3/05/2013
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mellie would not shop at Pottery Barn Kids again.
I placed an order for a number of items from Pottery Barn Kids Australia (PBK AU) on 3rd May 2013. This included classic wooden beads and a colour burst squash; two baby toys. The website is really easy to use, so order was placed without a hitch. I received an immediate confirmation of my order on email.

On 9th May 2013 I received an email from PBK AU stating that my order had been fulfilled, and provided me with a link to track the status of my order (which is not the tracking of the postage).

And then I waited...and waited...and waited. The website specifies that shipping to Melbourne takes 2-3 business days. I went to look at the status of my order, and it said that it was "fulfilled". So on 17th May I submitted a customer service request through the PBK AU website to see where my package had got to.

I heard nothing from my customer service request, so on 23rd May 2013 I contacted PBK through their toll free (I hope) international phone number, which patched me through to PBK US. The lady I spoke to looked up my order an said it had been shipped by DHL on 14th May 2013, however, there was no record of it being delivered. She contacted DHL and they advised they would need to investigate. The lady said she would call me back.

After hearing nothing by 27th May 2013, I called PBK again. This time I got a gentlemen, who was extremely lovely and sorry that I had not been called back. He unfortunately could not tell me anything further about my order, as it was still showing as shipped but not delivered. He advised he would email me his contact details, so I could speak to the same person again to ensure resolution.

I did not receive an email from this gentlemen, so on 31st May 2013, I called PBK again. Another lass, who once again was nice on the phone and extremely apologetic. Unfortunately she could give me no further information, so I asked her where to from here? She said it might be quicker to cancel the order, request a refund, and reorder the items again. I could not really understand this logic, and to be honest, had lost faith in my transaction. I requested that the order be cancelled and a refund provided.

The total of my order was AU$49.95. My refund was $48.77 (in my bank account on 1st June 2013). I'm not really sure why there was a difference...I'll be chasing this up with them again (..although I won't hold my breath!)