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Envirosax Australia Reviews

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4.7 from 1 review
1 out of 1 review would shop here again
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Ordered On: 21/10/2012
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Joshysnan would shop at Envirosax Australia again.
Love these bags
Envirosas has a strong emphasis upon reducing the use of plastic bags, and produce a range of bags that are lightweight, water-resistant and fashionable, and fold down to next to nothing for easy storage, or placed into a handbag, pocket or glovebox.

I have ordered from them a few times and couldn't be happier with the quality and versatility of the products they sell. (The biggest problem for me is that they keep releasing new prints that I simply HAVE to have, and I now have more reusable bags than I am ever likely to use in my lifetime.)

They do make fantastic gifts though. This particular order I placed with Christmas gifts in mind, when they advertised a 50 per cent off sale, which they tend to have a couple of times each year, making their bags extremely affordable at those times.

Shipping total for 8 bags was $6.50

I ordered online on a Sunday, and had them delivered by the end of the week.