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Toys R Us Reviews

Regents Park, New South Wales, Australia
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5 from 1 review
1 out of 1 review would shop here again
About Us:
Toys'R'Us is the leading kids store for toys, video games, baby products, and more.
Date Posted:
Ordered On: 28/11/2011
Overall Rating
WY2012 would shop at Toys R Us again.
good service, fast delivery
Only ordered once from this website around a year ago. Not every item is available online so I usually go and buy in a store. It so happened that they had specials deals on baby products for really cheap so bought 4 boxes of wet wipes and free delivery was included. Received the package in around 5 business days. good service. like i said, not all items are available online so I would only buy online again if they had the specific items that I want.