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Ordered On: 29/11/2013
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ceeleaves would not shop at Box13 again.
Bad behaviour: they don't follow their own terms and conditions.
I bought a pretty see through Minty Meets Munt dress from the ebay arm of this website. Unfortunately the zip on the dress was faulty and returning it was so ridiculously difficult.

The store policies are clear: On full priced items, you have 60 days to return at your own cost. If there's a fault, they refund all postage costs. But when I contacted them, the rep stated that the dress had been on sale, and so there was only a 30 day guarantee. They offered to reimburse me for the zip to be repaired, but would not accept a return.

I sent the dress back anyway, as it had been less than 30 days - my email had not been read properly and the sales receipt wasn't double checked. I felt really mistrustful by this point, and in my opinion their listings are a bit misleading. A less confident buyer might be discouraged from returning the faulty item, even though they had the right.

The problem was that the on the ebay listing, the dress was, or appeared to be full price, or at least not marked with a 'sale' label. It seems that the store had reduced the price of the dress, without putting any 'sale' labels on the ebay listing, or bothering to list the 'sale' terms and conditions.

To refuse a refund on a faulty item is anyway contrary to Australian consumer law, regardless of whether it is on sale!

When I finally returned the faulty dress, with tags still attached, I was given a refund - minus the $18 postage costs. I asked the rep to get someone to actually try the dress on, because then the stickiness of the zip would become apparent.

That email never received a reply, and I had to get paypal to refund my inital $9 postage. SO I'm still a little out of pocket, but chalk it up to learning a lesson.

After this experience I would definitely be wary of the store's supposed 60 day return policy because based on my honest experience, they might not honour it; terms and conditions are unclear and not adhered to. Also, Paypal protection only covers 45 days.