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Ordered On: 2/02/2014
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ceeleaves would not shop at Shoppi again.
Don't shop with shoppi...
On the 2nd of January I ordered a dress (that I was in love with) from this website.

The website said a tracking number would be sent to my email ASAP. None came. A week later I emailed the store and they said one would come soon. I emailed again on the 15th of Jan... And got a huge apology. The rep admitted dress had not been sent yet, and promised to send it express so it would arrive the next day.

On the 21st, I emailed again and she said it had been sent on the 17th. Finally! It arrived on the 22nd, but it was dirty and damaged, and it had a swing tag attached with the price marked down. I had paid full price, not the markdown price for that piece of dirty junk. Having to email them again to return it was ridiculous. I was told to send the dress back to where it came from using the sender address off the original package.

You won't believe it, but the sales person who sent the original package had incorrectly written the return address.(I confirmed that it was the sales person's mistake). The package wasn't delivered, and I had to wait a week for it to be returned from interstate!!!

I contacted them again, got given a different address, and finally sent the dress back. The whole process took more than a month. To their credit, all postage costs were reimbursed. But the apologies I received were mostly cursory, and I can't imagine that any of the people who assisted me have learnt anything from this transaction; actions speak louder than words!

This store, in my opinion, should not exist. Anyone who shops at Shoppi is potentially in for the worst kind of time wasting experience.