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Ordered On: 21/07/2014
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WY2012 would shop at Expansys AU again.
Great website for new phone bargains!
First purchase from this website is a Sony Z Ultra C6806. Great phone at a great price of $379!!! Overall a wonderful experience from this purchase. I actually accidentally ordered from the US website by mistake the first time. I received an email informing me to cancel the order and re-order from the Australian website. They refunded me immediately so I could then place my new order on the Australian website. Worked out well as shipping charges were about $20 less. In the end, I paid $18 instead of almost $40 for shipping. The phone arrived in 4 business days via DHL. Excellent customer service from Expansy and also very secure delivery from DHL. Would definitely recommend buying phones and electronics from here especially when they have special deals.