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Ordered On: 29/09/2014
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delusion would shop at Lozs Loot again.
Replacement Gold Rose Express
I placed an order for 50 gold roses stickers for envelop seals. $12AUD

I received these via mail within 5 business days.

I made a second order of the same stickers and waited for about 2weeks until there was no sign of them, I contacted the company to stress how important these stickers were to me as my wedding invitations were placed on hold.

The lady was kind enough to send me another batch if i paid for express shipping of $5.

And return the other if or when they arrive.

The following day I received a call, the lady advised that there are no more Gold stickers she thought I was after some gold hearts, mixed up with another order.

She offered to send me a replacement of silver roses instead and she will refund me my express postage payment also.

I was pleased, her help was genuine and she tried to help me as much as she can.

I would highly recommend this seller.