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Ordered On: 9/09/2014
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delusion would shop at Balloons Online again.
Teal 36 inch Latex fashion tropical uninflated balloon
I was in need of some 36 latex balloons for my pre-wedding photoshoot and wedding day.

I googled and found this website that stated delivery australia wide for flat rate of $9.95.

I contacted a different company where they told me per balloon plus delievery to location will cost approximately 39AUD excluding delivery.

So when i came across this website, I emailed them to ask for assistance.

Customer service officer advised that we can buy the uninflated balloons or inflated balloons.

I decided that it would be cheaper to purchase the uninflated balloons and inflat them with a helium tank in the car is easier so that we can avoid delivery fees and fitting in the car issue.

I used the online website to place an order for x6 teal latex uninflatted balloons for $7 each total of 51AUD including postage fee $9.95

I thought this was way cheaper than purchasing one inflated balloon for $39AUD.

I was happy with the customer service. order was made easy via credit card. Item received in 2 business days, i was happy with product.