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Decor Mirrors Reviews

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Ordered On: 29/01/2015
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delusion would shop at Decor Mirrors again.
Ornate mirrors 08334S1 30X40 OVERALL SIZE 110CM X 135CM
I came across this website while i was searching for somewhere with vintage like mirrors old ornate mirrors for my new home to make a grand entrance.

This site was very easy to use, it was user friendly, it had pictures of all kinds of mirrors and sizes.

I deposited for the 08334S1 30X40 OVERALL SIZE 110CM X 135CM mirror for the price of $450.

I visited the store over the weekend and placed a further order for another two bigger mirror.

Delivery was $60 which i thought was reasonable.

Stock was available and the mirrors arrived safe.
No breakage, no hassle or dramas, service was great , easy and very friendly.

I love the mirrors i bought. I would definitely come back here to purchase as they also have a large range of other mirror products such as splash back for kitchens.