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Design Your House Sign Reviews

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Ordered On: 17/06/2015
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delusion would shop at Design Your House Sign again.
House number design

I went onto this website to browse a large range of house number designs that can be printed with different options.

The website allowed me to play around with the colours, backgrounds, materials, fonts and sizes of the sign.

I placed an order for the following:

Material: Acrylic
Width 200mm
Height 150mm
Delivery $9.99
Total $59.99

I thought this price was reasonable.

I received the product in the mail approximately 4 weeks after order completed. This was a very long wait.

I tried to contact the company, but there was no phone numbers available so I sent an online enquiry through their website, there was no response until a few days.

I received the item then and was very happy with the product design outcome.

It looks great on my brick on the house.