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Ordered On: 16/04/2015
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reptile would not shop at White Orchid again.
Would never buy from again. Non existent service
Ordered a Kimono as a gift.

Once the order was made, all i received was a "they have taken your money" email confirmation. There was no communication besides.

Their website only has a "Buy" option for its products on sale, with no contact details or links to any other resources or information about the business.

Luckily, having made the purchase via paypal, the email address that i had paid was included. I emailed them a couple of times enquiring about the status of my order. Not receiving a reply after 2 weeks, i was about to raise a paypal dispute, but my order suddenly appeared.

Overall, while i did receive my item, it was a very lengthy process to try to find details about the store and attempt to contact them. they never replied and i had no idea about the whereabouts of my order. I almost felt that i had been conned and they had just simply taken my money and run.

I would definitely not recommend purchasing from this website, and i can only recommend others to stay away. I havent experienced such a poor purchasing experience in a very long time.