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4.7 from 1 review
1 out of 1 review would shop here again
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Ordered On: 24/11/2015
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BrookeB would shop at Lunapads again.
Great products!
I purchased a starter kit from Lunapads (I will spare you the details, you can read about them at the website) after reading about them on a plastic-free blog.

The website is easy to use with lots of information about the products and lots of choice when it comes to product selection.

The cost of shipping was high, at US$25.00, which is unfortunate, as it has dissuaded me from purchasing from them again, particularly as their products aren't cheap to begin with (well priced and well worth it, but not cheap).

The items arrived in good time and they were really well packed.

They are really well made and great to use, I would highly recommend them. I will be buying more at some stage. But the high cost of shipping does put me off a little.