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730 Parramatta Rd, Petersham, New South Wales, 2049, Australia
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Ordered On: 24/02/2014
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JacobLukeWood would shop at Ryda Dot Com again.
Car Sound System Expeirence
Price matching an order from Elite Electronics after they sold out of what I wanted, RYDA were my best bet.

After reasonably quick (sometimes a whole day to reply, sometimes a few minutes) email support I finally was able to place my order.

They also threw in some free Aerpro spacers to make the install easier in my 2004 Toyota Corolla.

However, when my order was placed on Tuesday I received an email saying that the Aerpro wiring kit I ordered was out of stock and would be in soon for delivery by the end of the week still. I was okay with that.

It wasn't until Thursday that I received a call from them telling me that the wiring kit had not arrived and that they would be upgrading me to a Stinger kit which I thought was an awesome upgrade for free, the friendly phone staff member was trying his best to get my order delivered before the weekend like I wanted.

Then came the not so good part. I missed their phone call that came about 30 minutes later and they were closed until the next morning, so when they opened back up again I called them straight up to see what they needed, turns out the amp I ordered had suffered water damage in that part of the warehouse so I was offered a free 'upgrade' to a SoundTec amp as they wouldn't have the amp I ordered in for a few weeks. Sounds good, right? Nope.

When this amp arrived I checked out the model number on their website, not only was it cheaper than the one I had ordered but the one I originally ordered was still in stock on their site! I'm assuming due to the price match and the wiring kit upgrade they may have saw this as an opportunity to make some money back.

However it arrived nicely packaged and delivered by Startrack, sent off on Friday and here Monday I was quite happy.

When I was installing the system I had a question about putting the speakers on the risers, I called up RYDA and waited on hold for around 10 minutes before being spoken to. When the phone was answered I received nothing but the rudest phone service I have ever gotten.

The representative had no desire to help, when I asked how to mount the speaker to the bracket after saying that the speaker did not fit the bracket he replied saying "That's what the bracket is for" even though that isn't what I was asking, when trying to clear up what I was saying he got more arrogant and frustrating whilst repeating himself over and over again getting louder each time.

I never got an answer that was helpful to my question and did not want to call back.

So while RYDA excels in some areas, they suck in others.

I'd recommend going with Elite Electronics if they have what you need, they also price match.