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Diggers Reviews

PO Box 300, Dromana, Victoria, Australia
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2.5 from 1 review
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Ordered On: 23/09/2012
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HollowSOS would not shop at Diggers again.
Terrible service but the potted seedlings were very good quality
Firstly let me just say wow! I was really sceptical of purchasing live seedlings online but when I received my order I was more than pleasantly surprised. Not only were my seedlings packaged that sturdily that there was absolutely no moving going on whatsoever - even if they were thrown around by the postal service, but also they were perfectly moist and so very healthy! Now that is out of the way; Diggers customer service is terrible. It is obvious that they are too under the pump to provide real help and genuine caring to their customers. The shipping took forever too, so naturally we lost quite a bit of growing time. Our order was shipped in a couple of seperate batches, one took 10 days from the time of purchase and the other took 26 days from the time of purchase!! Pricing wise, yes it is expensive, but personally for me that isn't really a big deal. I can't get enough of heirloom fruit and veg so was happy to pay that amount. As for the warranty, we ordered a propagator kit and all of the vent inserts were stuck to the packing tape of the box and we didn't realise and cut straight through them! Diggers were quite good about it seeing as it was a mistake on both ends of the purchase so they replaced the lid for us which was good. As well as the live seedlings and progagator kit, we also purchased a heap of seeds too. The germination rate for most of them was quite good however we were very disappointed in the tomatoes which only 2 out of about 6 varieties sprouted! All in all I am moderately happy with the order but I won't be purchasing again unless they release an amazing new strand of vegetable.